Lizard Log 18/8/14 – 21/8/14

Day 17 18/8/14

Grant and I went out to Lizard head again today. I have decided not to focus on re-capturing the fish from this site because, even if I get most of the fish from here, it would only be a tiny fraction of all the fish we collected last year so I’m not going to have the numbers to run any reliable analyses. But I wanted to get some more habitat saturation data from there while the conditions allowed us to dive there. We got six transects done in the morning before the wind picked up too much so that was excellent!

By the end of our dive the wind was getting quite strong so we dashed over to Ghost Beach again to take shelter and eat some lunch. We had the rest of our crumbed fish in wraps with some lettuce and chilli mayonnaise. Almost as good as last night’s dinner!

For our second dive we headed over to Big Vickey’s reef. It was quite uncomfortable on the surface because the swell wraps around Palfrey Island there and the wind had us anchored side on to the swell. So we geared up quickly and jumped in. This was the deepest dive we’d done on the trip so far at a whopping 8m! It was much better down there out of the swell. We ran a few more transects then headed back to the boat. On the way back we saw two huge stingrays buried in the sand. One of them had a remora sheltering under its tail.

Stingray lifting off

Stingray lifting off

Remora sheltering under a stingrays tail

Remora sheltering under a stingrays tail

Back at the station, I had a cooking lesson with one of our housemates, who bakes just about every day for us! Such an awesome housemate to have 🙂 I had heaps of bananas which were getting a bit old so we whipped up a big batch of banana bread only to realise that we don’t actually have a bread tin here. We ended up making the mixture into muffins which worked a treat!

Day 18 19/8/14

It was Grant’s last wet day today. Great news for him as he’s headed home to his family on Thursday. It’s melancholy news for me because he’s been a fantastic help over the last few weeks and I’ll miss his company, but with his departure comes the arrival of my partner which I’m really looking forward to.

There was a conversation at sunset drinks last night about fieldwork volunteers. One of the researchers wasn’t too impressed with their assistant. This particular assistant was a lovely person, but apparently wasn’t very helpful in the field. I must say that I’ve been really impressed with all of the people who’ve helped me out with my research, past and present. But the conversation was a good reminder that good research assistants are worth their weight in gold! I’d like to just take a moment here to say a great big thank you to all research assistants, especially mine, who have been awesome! Without you guys these projects couldn’t happen. You really are the unsung heroes of the research world!

But back to our day. We smashed out six more transects at Lizard Head this morning and then another four at the reef off Trawler Beach. The tides were really low again so they weren’t really dives. My tank was out of the water most of the time. Again. But we got a heap of really good data so it’ll be worth the crummy diving conditions.

Searching for gobies at Lizard Head

Searching for gobies at Lizard Head

We had the Bashari lab group over for dinner tonight. There was an amazing spread and it was all delicious!

Day 19 20/8/14

It’s Grant’s dry day today before he flies out tomorrow. He’s headed out fishing with Bruce and Cassie for a couple of hours. This morning I went over to Picnic Beach with one of our housemates. She needed to gather some water samples over there and I wanted to see if any of the G. ceramensis  had survived. There was quite a bit of S. hystrix that survived the cyclone, but many of them were uninhabited. There were a few G. ceramensis so I’d like to head back there with my partner, Kylie, when she arrives and do some transects.

Kylie will be leaving this afternoon to join me here tomorrow morning. I’m very excited to see her!

I’ve been doing some data analysis this afternoon, looking at whether habitat saturation differs between social and asocial species. The initial verdict is no. Which is a little disappointing, but hey, results are results. I haven’t finished gathering the data yet and there is quite a bit of variance, so more data could reduce that, but there really doesn’t seem to be any pattern there. This basically means that I should start thinking about another variable which might influence the social behaviour of a species.

Initial analysis looking at the difference between social (S) and asocial (AS) species in the proportion of inhabited corals per habitat. No significant difference here.

Initial analysis looking at the difference between social (S) and asocial (AS) species in the proportion of inhabited corals per habitat. No significant difference here.

I asked one of the researchers here for some advice on the statistics this afternoon and she told me the one thing that all scientists dread – that I have a fundamental error in my data collection. These kinds of errors can’t be fixed and will be present in any kind of analysis and of course in the eventual interpretation of results. The issue is one of non-independence with placing my transects. I think the data will still be useful for species associations, but I probably can’t use it for habitat saturation. So now I’ll just need to draw the link between species associations and social behaviour.

Day 20 21/8/14

Kylie arrived just before 8am this morning! It was fantastic to see her! After a bit of breakfast we got through the diving and boating inductions and set about preparing to head out for the afternoon. No rest for the wicked! 🙂

The tide was so low that we had to walk the boat over to Loomis before we could put the engine in the water. On the way over we saw a group coming back in from collecting some pH probes. They were doing it on snorkel and weren’t able to free the marker buoy so they asked if we’d be able to collect it for them.

We jumped in at Picnic beach for our first dive and ran a few transects. Sadly most of the corals we found there were vacant. We did find a couple of G. ceramensis and we also found a big coral colony which had four different goby species co-inhabiting it. After wards we went around the corner and jumped back in for a quick dive to retrieve Gabby’s marker buoy.

For our second dive, we went over to Lizard head again and ran some more transects there. The wind wasn’t very strong today so diving in the shallows there was quite fine.


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